Realwear is a manufacturer of hands free wearable computing devices for industrial use.

Their products are android based headgear controlled by voice commands, to give the user complete freedom when working but still getting support and help from coworkers or cloud services.

Realwear was founded in Milpitas, California USA in 2016.

  • Hands-Free Wearable Tablet Computer


    HMT-1 is a voice controlled hands-free device that gives the operator the experience of using a 7” tablet, but he can still work with both hands. A easy to use device for all who is doing maintenance on machines or equipment.

  • RealWear Navigator 500


    RealWear Navigator 500 is a voice controlled rugged headset, with the appearance to the user of a 7" tablet. The headset can be controlled hands-free. Thanks to 4 digital microphones and advanced algorithms, the voice recognition software can work with industrial background noises of up to 100dBA. The is mainly used for remote expert use cases, during inspections, repairs and maintenance works. It has a 48M pixels camera with which the users environment can be easily recorded and shared. This allows work to be carried out more effectively and with more knowledge.