INSYS icom

ECR-EW / ECR-LW VPN Routers / IoT Gateways

Due to their extensive range of interfaces, ECR routers can be used in a variety of ways. They are suitable both for secure remote maintenance and for recording and processing application data (edge computing). Thanks to the plug & play connection to cloud services and applications, remote access and monitoring can be implemented quickly and easily.


INSYS icom

Data logging


Expansion slots


IP code rating


Remote access


Type of switch


Web interface


Web server



DIN rail

Temperature range

-30°C ~ 75°C

INSYS icom

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Industrial data communication and networking.

We are the perfect partners when it comes to remote access to machinery, plant and other equipment and transmission of their operating data. We work with commitment every day to advance digitalisation and the implementation of the IIoT.

“Innovation and customer proximity in all their forms are as essential to us as the air we breathe. We believe in our success because our solutions and services create added value for our customers. Working together with you to advance digitisation spurs us on anew every day. Get to know us. Welcome to INSYS icom!”


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