Samos Pro

Safety controller Samos Samos PRO is the smallest modular safety control of its class. A variety of safe function modules enables the setup of complex safety applications. With Samos PRO modules you can monitor all kinds of safety sensors. Safety controller Samos PRO can process up to 96 safe inputs and 48 safe outputs at the same time. The modules are extremely compact (22.5 mm wide), so that you are able to implement a complete programmable safety solution starting with a construction width of only 45 mm. The control system is programmed intuitively and easily using Samos PLAN, a programming tool with graphical user interface for configuration and parameterization of inputs and outputs as required. No special knowledge of PLC programming languages is required. The finished application program is saved on the removable program media Samos MEMORY directly in the system and will thus be available inside the control cabinet even after replacement. The Samos PRO system is always perfectly suitable in Industrial Ethernet environments and in fieldbus systems using the Profibus-DP or CANopen protocol. The relevant gateways enable trouble-free bidirectional data exchange. In the "Specification" tab below you will find more on Samos Pro.




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Samos PRO